Burn Fat, not Time! Gain Vitality and Fitness in Duluth.

Experience efficient resistance training.

Build muscle and bone density quickly!

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Get Results with 30 Minutes 2 Times a Week!

Experience the most efficient form of resistance training you can do. Just 30 minutes of our power workout is what you need to get stronger muscles and bones. Yes that's right, only 30 minutes! You can deal with anything for 30 minutes. So get in here and do it!

How Our Program Can Help You

  1. Exercise for increased muscle strength, guaranteed.
  2. Create Stronger Bones.
  3. Facilitate Fat loss.
  4. Improved metabolism.
  5. Improve muscle tone.
  6. Help balance blood sugar.
  7. Improved stamina, endurance, and energy levels.

Strong legs, exercise, muscle tone

Experience the Difference

  1. Studio environment (not a big box gym)
  2. Experienced and supportive professional trainers.
  3. Workout on equipment specifically designed for the Vitality Blast protocol.
  4. Trainers will track your individual progress.
  5. 15 years of successful experience teaching this method.
  6. Continual support for your personal fitness goals.
  7. Functional and balance training integrated into the system.


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Contact Us

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Vitality Blast Fitness Studio

2590 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Suite D, Duluth, Georgia 30097, United States

(678) 957-3000


Monday - Friday: 6AM–9PM

Saturday - Sunday: 8AM–1PM